Lighting with Upper
Air Disinfection
Litecontrol SpectraClean™ 254 luminaires offer Direct, Indirect, or Direct/Indirect LED ambient lighting with germicidal lighting disinfection. This combination provides exceptional illumination with effective disinfection in a stylized luminaire that seamlessly integrates into most commercial lighting applications. Learn More Contact Us
Learn about Hubbell Lighting's newest addition to the SpectraClean™ portfolio, a germicidal lighting system for architectural and commercial applications. View Broadcast Contact Us Intent Linear Floodlight A unique linear floodlight family. A wide array of distributions allow for completely different effects to be shown, even in the same application. Static white and RGBW options. View Broadcast Contact Us The Intent is Connectivity The Intent linear flood family joins Kim Lighting’s extensive flood offering. This compact architectural flood provides optimal appearance and performance for exterior wall washing, grazing or sign lighting applications in static white, RGBW and RGBA configurations. View Products Contact Us Hubbell Control Solutions'
NX Room Controller
Hubbell Control Solutions’ NX room controller provides a complete stand-alone control solution that can be networked for wide lighting control. It uses SmartPORT technology to automatically configure occupancy sensors and manual control switches to provide an energy-efficient room control solution without the need for any programming. About Us Contact Us
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with Hubbell Lighting’s
SpectraSAFE™ Wireless
Video Security Solution
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